He is a hero. Peaceful guy, But if fighting, Man of the bad things. He is really strong, Only some punches could take a boss out.

As he is peacefull if no fighting, you cannot use your fighting technuiqes. But still take Powerups ofcourse.

He has a energy bar, If filled up, and if you doublejump, you will turn invincible for 40 sec.

His attacks:

Punch: Punches, attack is worth 3 damage.

Kick: Kicks, attack is worth 4 damage, It has a chance that you kick the enemy in the head, dealing 7 damage.

Kick Kick: Double kicks, If you kick twice, then this will come, worth 6 damage.

Rapido Punchado: Punches rapid 4 times, worth 12 damage

Roundhouse Kick: If you kick 4 times, this will appear, this is worth 12 damage.

If he will get a Bomb, or any other variation of the bomb, He will get on fire, and special attacks:

But my body is on firreee...: Replacement of kick, Worth 6 damage.

Firefront!: Replacement of punch, worth 5 damage.

If he gets a Napalmium fire bomb, he will get these attacks:

NAAAPPPAAALMMM FRONTKICK!: Replacement of kick/But my body is on firreee, worth 8 damage.

Napalmfrontfire: Replacement of Punch/Firefront. Worth 7 damage.

He will also get stronger with the attacks if he gets a bomb/NFB when he levels up with them.


  • He is the first Hero to really, REALLY get affected with items.
  • His energybar-invincibillity-doublejump thing is a reference from "Hyper Sonic" from the Sonic series.
  • He is the currently only hero that has a energy bar.