This is the enhanced version of the "Bomb".

It turns heroes into "Napalmerbooms"

They will be able to shoot Napalmfire Bombs. They are glowing blue, and are on Napalm fire.

If it detonates, it leaves Napalm.

The napalm is very dangerous. Doing 40 damage if enemies step on it.

The explosion is also very dangerous, 2x as much range as a regular bomb.

But the bomb has a 10 sec cooldown. If used when not finished the cooldown, it will get weaker. but still can be thrown.

Very good for bosses. Because of its large power, and the napalm that gets released.

It also can detonate early on some cases.

If you are on level 2 with this, the napalm gets bigger and stronger, and the range incereases, so you can hit more enemies at once.

If you are on level 3 with this, you can throw NAPALM ITSELF, not just bombs.

If you are on level 4 with this, the napalm gets stronger that you throw.

If you are on level 5 and the last level with this, the bombs have a exscellent big range, and the napalm you throw now stays onground for 1 min.