Hodini Pit Pocket is the main protoganist of the series of the same name.


30 (Can be increased by Leveling.)


Normal: Karate, Chop, Kick, Super Punch.

Fire: Flames!, Boom!, JumpFlame, Oven.

Ice: Freeze!, Icy shards, HopFreeze, Iceskate.

Corn: Shoot, Triple, Whole cob, Core Blast.

Bird: Throw, Hypno, Fly, Peck.

Laser: Blast, Accurate, Rays, Paralyzer.

Durian: Stick, Slow, Boom, Bigxploded.

Spear: Shoot, Fiery, Shards, Rain.

Grass: Hide, Umbrella, Water, Fertilizer.

Tomato: Stun, Splash, Soak, Invincible.

Rocket: Stun, Turbofly, Frag, Turbospeed.

At the beginning of the gameEdit

Jump, Karate.

Unlockble by beating bossesEdit

Flames, Freeze, Shoot, Throw, Blast, Stick, Shoot, Hide, Stun, Rocket.

Special movesEdit

Power jump.


  • Hodini Pit Pocket is not its real spelling. It is supposed to be "Houdini Pickpocket" but it is "Hodini Pit Pocket".
  • Hodini Pit Pocket is 9 years old.
  • It is unknown why HPP knows karate.
    • Maybe TM taught him before the game.