HPP is the best against them

They are a stronger version of Kid Feetball, but they don't have a shield. They are first seen in

Tomato Twoland.


10 (2 in HPP side scroller).




He may look a little evil, but he's only really evil to other Feetball. He's too cute to

be bad!


10 (Jump).


Feetball is a pun on "Football". The only reason it's called Feetball is to demonstrate it's strength.

Scared-ball is a stronger version of it.

It is even cuter in HPP Comics. (Opinion)

Big Feetball has thrice as much HP.

Feetball is possibly the cutest enemy in the game. (Opinion)

It's jumping power is also higher than a Pecker's.

In HPP side scroller it is sometimes a palette swap between a Pecker.

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